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T - English - Family - Chapters: M - English - Romance - Chapters: Mulan - Rated: Parents Day by bandgeek18 reviews It's parents day at Roy's school, so Oliver decides to attend. He learns a lot about his ward Mainly that neither are as simple as he thought. Superboy by einsteinjet reviews After Superman's return from his 5-year absence, Lois Lane learns that he is the father of her son, Jason. As Jason grows up, he decides he wants to follow in his father's footsteps and become a superhero.

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor plans to destroy Superman. Superman - Rated: Danny and Dash find themselves in a lot of sexually awkward situations. At this point they just learned to roll with it. M - English - Chapters: Infernal Devices, Cassandra Clare - Rated: Two Can Keep a Secret by deuxieme-etoile-a-droite reviews Takes place after 2x T - English - Chapters: The Shirt by WonderBat reviews A day off for Diana means she can wear whatever she wants, as the founders see when a last minute meeting is called. The results are a bunch of laughs and Justice League - Rated: A Christmas Miracle by MrBenzedrine reviews An innocent prank unfolds into a season of feelings when Hermione Granger receives a very romantic gift from a not so secret santa.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Scathing Looks by ScarletEmpress reviews Batman tells the origin of the ever-iconic "Bat-glare" patent-pending. Set in the Young Justice universe after the events of Endgame. Good Guys Lost by Moon Erebos reviews [ Ellos no eran suficiente [ K - Spanish - Angst - Chapters: Payment by Gd2go2 reviews After a failed attempt to capture the Avatar, Prince Zuko must pay a certain bounty hunter her fee Last Airbender - Rated: Leyendo la piedra filosofal by ladyblue19 reviews Harry, Ron y Hermione se acaban de reencontrar en el Gran Comedor tras el enfrentamiento de Harry con Voldemort y el profesor Quirrell.

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Todo los alumnos de Howgarts celebran la entrega de la Copa de las casas hasta que aparece una misteriosa carta con un paquete Sunrise by GoldenUnicorn19 reviews Bruce and Diana are stranded in a forest when they come across an old mansion. Firebreather by LJ58 reviews The fight is over, and Duncan has stopped the kaiju from destroying his school. Only now he has consequences to face after his secrets have come out for the whole world to see. Firebreather - Rated: Como un Suspiro by Maik Wayne reviews Bruce lleva varios años de vida matrimonial con Hal Jordan, llegado el momento la edad y las preguntas llegan a su cabeza, preguntas que quiza Hal no alcance a responder Batman - Rated: K - Spanish - Chapters: Avengers - Rated: Also on AO Katara feels herself melting underneath his heat.

She knows it's wrong.


She knows they should stop, she knows she should tell Aang. But she won't. When Aang holds her, she feels nothing. And when Zuko kisses her, she feels afire. In the Dead of the Night by esompthin reviews Vlad discovers something about Danny when his suit rips during a fight. Danny is terrified about how the older man will react.

The Ultimate Custody Battle by puzzlemistress reviews Batman, aka Bruce, has decided to adopt Superboy, aka Connor, after watching his relationship with Robin, aka Dick, start to blossom. Someone is not happy about that and decides to fight over custody. Read to find out. A comedy about family dynamics. The Hoard by Puddin12 reviews Margaret and Belloc's birthdays just so happen to be in the same month.

Duncan wants to get them the perfect gifts, but has the classic issue of money. His friends warned him about his plans on getting those gifts, but stubborn doesn't fall far from the stubborn tree. Big surprise. Lex Luthor's behind it.

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Bit of a surprise. Superboy is the ransom demand? That's new. How will things go down? How will everyone take their choices?


thalia jordan trans de lujo. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Jul 13, thalia jordan trans de lujo. La Coruña España cel. /

What makes family, family? What makes life, life? So many questions plague the two young heroes, but they have to find the answers themselves. T for mild language and touchy themes Young Justice - Rated: The List by esompthin reviews A real short story about trans! Danny and Dash being surprisingly protective of him. Can be read as Swagger Bishie, I suppose. Danny Phantom - Rated: Egg ing 'em on by CaptainOzone reviews When Artemis asked for a distraction, she didn't intend to find herself on a suicide mission. She wished she didn't know. The means? Ask Robin.

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Marvelous by Gage39 reviews Batman convinces Billy Batson to give the Young Justice team a try while the team tries to figure out his connection to Captain Marvel. Rated T for language. Contactos Gay en Benidorm Alicante. Everything I Loved by Rosawyn reviews An older Clark, filled with regret, comes back to warn his younger self. A Christmas Miracle by MrBenzedrine reviews An innocent prank unfolds into a season of feelings when Hermione Granger receives a very romantic gift from a not so secret santa.

It was all his idea, anyway. Robin wants to egg Wayne Manor. Because reasons. Rated T for language. Como decirle me gustas a un Argr, preferiblemente sin sonar gay by Sta Fantasia reviews Porque aunque Alex ahora fuera una chica, sus falsos pechos pequeños casi no se notaban y sus caderas brillaban por su ausencia, sin contar esa cara para nada femenina.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Rated: Regalos de Alcantarilla by Constelacion de salamandra reviews Había visto de todo en el mundo o mejor dicho, debajo del mundo. Esto es un omenaje a Chicos de Gotham. Sorpresa by Leviathan2. DC Superheroes - Rated: K - Spanish - Family - Chapters: The Proposal by Esther Huffleclaw reviews When Clark's boss talks him into a pretend engagement, things get complicated fast.

Especially when they go to visit Clark's parents for Thanksgiving. Harley tiene una pesadilla y el Joker la consuela. Pérdidas by PadmeGreene reviews - Te amo, imbécil. Ese era el verdadero Hal, poco serio, pero siempre diciendo la verdad a su manera. No te quedes atascado en mí. Dedicado a mi Connito. Esa era la pregunta que había estado presente en la mente de ambos, por demasiado tiempo. Y, lamentablemente, ahora sabían la respuesta. Las Mentiras que nos quedan by Lonny S.

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Dwelf reviews One-shot. Bruce Wayne desearía que las cosas con Clark Kent fueran distintas.

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Omegaverse Batman - Rated: Limpiando mi Conciencia by Constelacion de salamandra reviews Siempre escogemos por una razón Still Friends? Pan - Rated: La vez que Jason conoció a un Batman que cargaba armas by LissScarlett reviews [One-shot]El pequeño Jason cumple sus rutinarios patrullajes como Robin junto a Batman, cuando de pronto cae en la futura ciudad que sucumbe ante la Batalla por la Capucha. K - Spanish - Supernatural - Chapters: La Hechicera y el Demonio by Violette Moore reviews Damian escapaba a todo objeto que pudiera reflejar su cuerpo, combatía distinto, hablaba distinto, actuaba distinto.

Teen Titans - Rated: Mulan's Fight: Escape by pistonsfan75 reviews Starts out the same as Mulan's Fight: Never Back Down, but is three one shots with different twists. Ping's gender was revealed after the avalanche, but only Shang knows. He'll keep her secret, but at a price.

What will happen if her comrades help her escape? Changing rating to M due to subject matter.